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Lift The Ban

People seeking asylum in our country are banned from working. Unable to provide for themselves and their families, they’re often left to live in poverty.

Adding your voice means we can fight harder for change and win over those with the power to make it.

Sign The Petition

Sign the petition to Lift The Ban here:

Read The Report

This Lift The Ban coalition report shows how clear the evidence in favour of giving people seeking asylum the right to work is.

From a rise in the estimated benefit to the Treasury (£97.8 million per year), to enduring public and business support and examples that show lifting the ban makes even more sense during the coronavirus pandemic – this report makes the rational, moral and financial case for the right to work.

It’s common sense. Read the report here:

Help Us Lift The Ban

There are lots of different ways to get involved with the Lift The Ban campaign. Check out the Activism Pack her to find out more:

Safe Routes

We joined 100 civil society groups, Windrush survivors and religious organisations in demanding safe and legal routes to apply for asylum now.

This was in response to the government’s dangerous rhetoric surrounding recent Channel crossings and the recent death of a refugee trying make the crossing.

People seeking protection here in the UK can only do so once they reach UK soil. There are currently no safe or legal routes to apply, forcing desperate people to risk their lives crossing the Channel in dinghies. Applying for asylum is a basic human right and we need safe routes for people to be able to apply to avoid further tragedies.

Read our letter in full and write to your MP demanding action here:

Reading City of Sanctuary

No Recourse to Public Funding

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