As part of the Emerging Voices project in partnership with Rising Sun Arts Centre, we held a series of Islamic Art Workshops for refugees and asylum seekers in Berkshire.

During our weekly online Drop Ins, participants learned to create Islamic Art during a series of sessions run by local artist and long-standing RRSG supporter, Hadil Tamim.

The Emerging Voices project aimed to support an artist to develop their practice, working in collaboration with others and creatively engaging with a community group and involve them in thinking about the benefits of artistic work and support them to bring cultural expression into their space in a way which benefits them.

Careful Listening

Come and join in the sessions with artists-activist group Ultra-red using sounds and listening to look at all the different ways we think about care. The ‘Careful Listening’ project invites participants from different backgrounds and community groups to use art as a way of engaging with social issues that concern them. There is no need for previous artistic experience. The project is part of a wider research-based project on art and care supported by University of Reading.

For more information and to get involved please email

Careful Listening Project Flyer

Careful Listening Project Flyer

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