Chipo | From Zimbabwe

Chipo is a Zimbabwean national with two young daughters, 5 and 7. She separated from her husband when he returned to Zimbabwe in 2010 after his work visa had expired. Chipo applied for asylum with her two children.

Reading Refugee Support Group have been helping Chipo with Welfare matters such as the mortgage on her home. As an asylum seeker, she is not entitled to work so few payments were made on her mortgage.

Her husband was sending some funds from Zimbabwe but this did not cover all the debts. The mortgage, electricity, water, council tax were not getting paid.
The bank issued with a possession order and were ready to take possession of the house within 4 days.

As Chipo has young children, RRSG stepped in. We applied to every possible agency to make sure by the end of four days, there was a safe place where the children could stay. them from becoming homeless...

We contacted social services who advised the client to apply to the courts for an extension of the date of possession. we contacted NASS to make an application for Housing and support, which was refused. We also contacted her husband in Zimbabwe.

Following RRSG's intervention he agreed to make the payments on the mortgage and secure the home while the Chipo and the children can focus on their Asylum application.

The names and the images in this case study have been changed to protect Chipo's privacy - her story has not. Please think about donating to RRSG to ensure that we can continue to help those in need.