Case Study | Aarif from Afghanistan

Aarif is from Afghanistan and arrived in the UK in November 2000 claiming asylum immediately. He didn't become know to RRSG until 2005 requesting help with asylum support for food and shelter.

Over the next 7 years RRSG have helped him to access Asylum support and medical help as well as advice from solicitors.

By 2013 Aarif had experienced phases of anxiety, depression and loneliness.. He stated at a reporting visit that he needed a decision on his asylum case or he should be sent home.
Aarif was illegally detained and RRSG stepped in to ensured that he received legal advice to secure appropriate treatment.

12 years after he first applied for asylum Aarif received the decision he'd waited for. His case refused and he was returned to Afghanistan.

The names and the images in this case study have been changed to protect Aarif's privacy - his story has not. Please think about donating to RRSG to ensure that we can continue to help those in need.