It is so rewarding when good comes out of a bad situation. One of our clients came to us a few months ago in a state of depression and despair. He had previously been an international student at a university in the UK but then, after two years’ study, missing his parents terribly, he returned home to visit them during the summer break. Disaster struck when, in his war-torn country, his beloved father was abducted and went missing, and his mother fled as a refugee to a neighbouring country.

When he flew back to the UK to resume his studies and embark on the final year of his degree, our client was detained at London Airport, and then held for three months whilst the Authorities investigated his case. In the detention centre, he witnessed unpleasant incidents amongst the detainees. By the time he was cleared and released, our client had missed the deadline for resuming his degree. That is when he came to RRSG.

We were able to help him in practical ways as well as provide advice and moral support. RRSG was able to follow up his case with the Home Office who, in due course, granted him Leave to Remain in the UK. This development allowed him to seek part-time work in order to help support himself. The RRSG team also used its skills and contacts to help this intelligent and sensitive young person successfully re-apply to his university and obtain student funding.

The icing on the cake was our client, with the help of our caseworkers, winning not one but two refugee scholarships to a summer school at a prestigious London university. Naturally, these triumphs boosted his mood and confidence, not to mention warmed our hearts! We hope these achievements will be stepping stones to our client realising his dream of becoming a businessman worthy of his father.

Mandy Johnson

*Please note that to protect the identity of our client, the photograph above is a stock image