Hello! In this blog, we celebrate the achievement of one of our volunteers, Anas. He successfully completed the Reading Half Marathon – his first ever - and moreover, did it in just 1hr56m4s. We’re very impressed! I asked Anas a few questions about what motivated him.

What's your role within RRSG?
Because I'm native Arabic speaker, I volunteer mainly at the Drop-in centre, to support in teaching Syrian and Arabic speaking refugees/asylum seekers. I also help in Arabic translations and any IT task if needed.

What made you want to work with us?
Before I came to the UK, I participated in many volunteering activities in my country Sudan, to tackle environmental and poverty issues. Soon after I came here I found out being a native Arabic speaker will help a lot, as many of the refugees/asylum seekers come from the Middle East or Africa.

Why are you running for us?
I'm running to reflect a positive image about refugees/asylum seekers as they're always misrepresented in the media. Also, to motivate refugees/asylum seekers to play a more active role in their new communities. I would like to thank RRSG staff and volunteers for all the hard work they're doing to support refugees/asylum seekers. I'm very to proud to work with them.

I’d like to thank Anas for his time, both in answering these questions and running the half marathon!

“Amazing Run today. Finished my first ever half marathon in 1:56:04! Please donate to @ReadingRefugees. #ReadingHalf see you next year.”
- @aMonaffal

If you’d like to donate to RRSG, as suggested by Anas, you can do so here. Alternatively, text RRSG16 £2 to 70070 to instantly donate £2. Thank you.