Hello! This is the 10th and final (for now, at least…) instalment in the Keeping Up with the Syrians blog series. The Hassad family have achieved refugee status, and began to settle into life in the UK – so what’s next?

Recently, the Hassad family have been making fewer and fewer visits to RRSG.
Maya has managed to find a job, working in a local convenience store, stocking shelves and serving customers. However, there were issues with her employer at first, as they did not recognise her right to work in the UK as a refugee. Some employers confuse the rights of refugees with those who are still seeking asylum. Those seeking asylum are not eligible to work and so employers who hire them may be in line for a huge fine if they give them a job. RRSG was able to advocate on Maya’s behalf, and produce the necessary formal letter which vouched for her status. Now with a stable income, Maya has begun to look at small flats in the Reading area in commutable distance to both work and Muhammad's’ school. She hopes they can move soon, in order to give Yaman and Amena the space they need in their current flat.

Sami has recently enjoyed taking up the guitar. He hopes that with his new found passion for music, he can make a career in the music industry. He has been meeting frequently with a group of friends and collaborating to create a band. Due to RRSG’s constant help and support, Sami frequently volunteers to perform at RRSG led events.

Rabiah has also begun to volunteer at RRSG, helping to communicate with and support all of the refugees coming from Syria. She hopes that in the future, she can work for RRSG, as she wants to give back for all of the time, effort, support and sympathy RRSG has given.

I should mention now, as I did at the beginning of this series, that the Hassad family is fictional. But every problem described over the last 20 weeks, and every solution, comes directly from the lives and experiences of real RRSG clients – real people, who rely on us.

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