Can you give up some time each week to support to a Refugee during the lockdown?

The Role

Right now, Refugees and Asylum Seekers across Berkshire are locked down, facing destitution, stress, anxiety, and isolation on their own.

We will pair Refugees with volunteers, using Zoom or phone calls for an informal weekly chat where you can talk, play games, discuss anxieties and fun ways to cope with the lockdown.

We will try to pair Refugees and volunteers with similar interests, so there will be a very brief questionnaire before starting.

Commitment: Once per week, at a time mutually agreed by the Refugee and volunteer.
Suggested session length: 30-60 minutes.


If you have any concern - big or small - about the safety or wellbeing of your Befriendee or their family, please contact Flora immediately to report it.
Once it's reported, we can assess if we need to take action but we can't do that if something isn't reported.
If you need to report a Safeguarding concern, please email Flora Roshi at and mark the email 'Safeguarding Concern'.

As a Befriending Volunteer you are not expected to support clients with their immigration status, housing, benefits, etc.
If your Befriendee needs support with something like this, please tell them to speak to make an appointment with an RRSG Caseworker who will be able to support them.

Volunteer Policies

You will need to confirm you have read and understood the following Policies to become a Befriending Volunteer:
Safeguarding Adults Policy:
Confidentiality Policy: